We sell a mixture of pure, rare and hybrid chickens on our farm. Hybrid chicken will lay eggs all year round, where as pure and rare breed chickens are seasonal layers and will usually lay from the Spring through to Autumn months only.  

Hybrid Chickens

Hybrid chickens are a specialised cross breed produced by professional hatcheries. They use specially selected chickens to produce these hybrids, designed to produce a chicken that will lay eggs all year round and be strong and healthy. They are a brilliant choice for a first time chicken keeper or family with children who would like to experience where their food comes from, as they are usually easy, docile and friendly.

We stock a range of laying hybrid chickens, our chickens are sold at POL (point of lay) so they are about 16 – 20 weeks old and are suitable for your garden or smallholding.

Our prices start from £12.00 each for point of lay pullets

Lohmann Brown

This is a very popular breed of hybrid, as they are easily managed and docile. They will reliably lay up to 300 eggs per year.

Sussex Ranger

Sussex Ranger is a very attractive and docile hybrid, which looks similar to Light Sussex. This breed of hybrid lays over 200 eggs per year


Whites (Leghorn) are a popular hybrid, as they lay a white egg and produces up to 300 eggs a year.


This chicken has a lovely smokey blue plumage. This breed of chicken will lay 200 – 240 brown eggs per year.  


Speckledy is an attractive hybrid similar to a pure Maran but bred for greater egg production.These chicken will produce up to 250 high quality brown eggs per year.

Pied Ranger

Pied Ranger is a popular coloured hybrid, as they have black feathers with green tint. They are brilliant for the garden and will lay between 250 – 260 brown eggs.

Rhode Rock

Rhode Rock is a hardly and docile hybrid which is suitable for all terrains and weather. Rhode Rocks will lay 260 – 280 brown eggs per year.

We have been selling laying chickens for over 30 years and the above production numbers are realistically achievable figures from chickens kept in normal healthy conditions.

We do not over state or exaggerate egg numbers to mislead prospective customers. Our reputation for good, honest advice is based on a lifetime of working with chickens. 


All the prices quoted on this site are correct at the time of publication. However, our prices are regularly reviewed and are subject to change without notice and subject to availability.

Our chickens are sold on a first come first serve basis so on busy days it can change hourly, therefore please call ahead if you are travelling a distance to get to us 

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