Hay & Haylage

All of our hay and haylage is produced by ourselves from our land in and around Brinkworth, so we know it is all of high quality made from meadow grass.

We do not use artificial fertilizer on our meadow grass, we use traditional methods such as using sheep to graze the meadows over winter to avoid old grass in next season’s hay. This helps to reduce mould and dust in the hay and haylage bales which we produce.

We supply to both private and retail customers, therefore we have a different size bales available for sale.

We have small, large and round bales of hay, which are unwrapped.

We have small and large bales of haylage, which are wrapped.  

Our hay is predominantly for horses and ponies but also to small holders for sheep, goats, cattle etc and small animal owners for their rabbits, guinea pigs, etc

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